February 21, 2012

Online Image Map Editor & URL Decoder/Encoder - very useful tool

Hi Folks,

i found the very useful tool, which is going to create image maps online. its handy & very useful, simple and definetly poweful tool. A must Book mark link

UPDATE ON 27/03/2012:  URL Decoder/Encoder
Please check this place

February 17, 2012

Hide part of link in global navigation breadcrumb

Hi Friends,

Here the user requirement is to hide top level site URL(link) in the global Navigation breadcrumb in the sub site home page (where user is going to share the site URL with others), and not to hide entire breadcrumb.

Actual snap:
so i proceed to check with the IE Developper tool. and the structure in side DIV for the breadcrumb is as:
<SPAN id="ct100someblablablaID".... >
          <a class="anchorclass">ROOT SITE COLLECTION</a>
          TEXT (>)
          <a class="anchorclass">SUB SITE COLLECTION</a>
          TEXT (>)
and so on.

so decided to go with JQuery SLECTORS. and the respected script as follows:

<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.1/jquery.min.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {

$('#ctl00_PlaceHolderGlobalNavigation_PlaceHolderGlobalNavigationSiteMap_GlobalNavigationSiteMap span:nth-child(4)').css({'display':'none'});
$('#ctl00_PlaceHolderGlobalNavigation_PlaceHolderGlobalNavigationSiteMap_GlobalNavigationSiteMap span:nth-child(5)').css({'display':'none'});


so in the script selecting sub span elements with in root element SPAN ID,
$('#ROOT_ELEMENT_ID span:nth-child(4)').css({'display':'none'});
this hides my ">" char & selection child node 5 hides my "ROOT SITE URL".

and resulted O/P :

JQuery saved my life....


February 10, 2012

"Failed to load the workflow" error popup when try to open workflow in SharePoint Designer

When you open SharePoint Designer 2007 to create a new workflow, you get this error “Failed to load the workflow”

Solution One:
- Go to C:\Documents and Settings\<your user name>\Application Data\Microsoft\SharePoint Designer\ProxyAssemblyCache\(12.x.x.xxxx)
C:\users\<your user name>\Application Data\Microsoft\SharePoint Designer\ProxyAssemblyCache\(12.x.x.xxxx)
and delete 12.x.x.xxxx folder.
- Open SharePoint Designer again and it should work this time.

If it is still not working for you then try

Solution Two:
- Change trust level in the .NET 2.0 Configuration (the MMC snap-in, found in Administrative Tools).
- Go to .NET Framework 2.0 Configuration > Runtime Security Policy.
- Choose “Adjust Zone Security” and change Local Intranet to “Full Trust”
It should now work at this point, if not
Go to Intranet options, pushed the slider up to full trust.
Someone might have posted about that but it’s good if this post can help few.

Powershell script to List All Sharepoint Site collections and sub sites


i came up with an requirement to gather all the site collections and sites and sub sub sites in our 2007 & 2010 environment. so decided to prepare a poweshell script which can list all site collection and it's sub webs list under the site collection and a Final count. the script as follows:

[System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("Microsoft.SharePoint") > $null
$siteUrl = Read-Host "Enter Site URL"
$rootSite = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite($siteUrl)
$spWebApp = $rootSite.WebApplication
$count = 0
           write-host "Site Collections"
           write-host ""
    foreach ($site in $spWebApp.Sites) {
        write-host "Site Collections URL --> -->" $site.URL
           write-host ""
           write-host "SubSites"
           write-host ""
    foreach ($web in $site.AllWebs) {
        write-host "SubSite URL --> --> -->" $web.URL 
        write-host ""

write-host "Total Count :" $count

Hope this script help in your requirement too.