December 26, 2011

Technical White Paper for SharePoint performance Optimization

I assigned with a task to investigate with one of the web application having very slow performance & serach scrawl issue. i went in to investigate through all servers & their CPU & Memory usages, automated peak resource usage mail from the Notification servers for a couple of days.
Then done an report with STSADM.exe -o enumsites url (as one of the post from this blog i posted), i had a report with the web application with sites and sitecollection having around 195 GB in a single ContentDB. but as per the Microsoft suggetions a web application in Moss 2007 environment a site collection must below 100GB. so we plan to proceed to split this entire Web App in to multiple Content DB's (converting large subsites in to a site collections, moving individual site collections to a different content DB's. which makes easy to take weekly backups, restoring site / site colletions in Dev box in case of any restoration takes place, easy in the process of migration, takes less load on SQL Server when performing search srawl too)

The above is suggestion found at the Microsoft White Paper, after googling i found very useful document from Microsoft SharePoint Optimization

i hope this helps if you are into a situation like above.


UPDATE : 10/02/12
check this place too

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